Paintball-Outfitter has all your paintball, airsoft and laser tag needs. We sell paintball makers, airsoft and accessories from all your favorite brands. We rent laser tag equipment. Come play either of your favorite on one of three outdoor fields, each with it's own unique flavor.

If you plan on playing on one of our fields please have you and everyone in your party print out and sign a copy of our WAIVER. This will help speed up the process and get you playing faster. Thanks!

1180 Lagrange HWY
Greenville, GA 30222

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-12am
Sun 2pm-12am
We have lighted night play.

  • ProShop and 4 fields.


Jay Moore LaGrange, GA @ Sat 2014 Nov 22 10:22:02 PM EST
My son's 16th Birthday was absolutely awesome! Great customer service and huge fields under the lights! You won't be disappointed!

Rick Adams & Pine Mountain First Methodist Church @ Fri 2014 Jun 27 12:29:44 PM EDT
Paintball is the highlight of each year's Youth Week. One of our college leaders was very reluctant before going on the field, within a few minutes she became an intense player with a big smile!

Lisa Ficalore Gay GA @ Sat 2014 Apr 12 07:08:10 PM EDT
Very nice place, kids had a great time! We had Gage's 13th birthday party here & he said it was his best party ever! Thanks so much, we will be back again I'm sure!

Britt David Baptist Church/ Tim Jones, Pasgor @ Thu 2014 Apr 03 05:02:17 PM EDT
Ouch! our kids loved it! Fun obstacles! Pleasure to work with and very flexible. May God continue to bless your paintball ministry! Thank you so much Mr. Lester! Youth at Britt David in Columbus

Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine @ Sat 2014 Feb 08 04:42:45 PM EST
We had an awesome time playing paintball!! There are no complaints. Great experience for first time paintballers!

Phillip & Martha DeBice @ Sat 2013 Oct 19 08:49:13 PM EDT
We came for our son's paintball birthday party. They had the best time in the world! Mr. Lester is the nicest gentleman you will ever meet. We will definitely be back!!

O'CHARLIES Restuarants @ Tue 2013 Oct 15 07:03:57 PM EDT
Me and the team had a good outing.Mr. Lester's facility offered several fields to choose from that kept the game challenging. He was very accommodating and we definitely will be back!! Thanks!

Connie Campbell --- Wheelabrator LaGrange, GA @ Wed 2013 Oct 02 09:30:26 PM EDT
We had a wonderful time playing some friendly competition with our sale and service teams from Canada, Mexico and Us. So very much appreciate the warm hospitality and great opportunity.

Ken Athon Oakside Baptist Church LaGrange GA @ Sat 2013 Sep 28 02:08:35 PM EDT
Awesome place & facilities! Can't beat the price...excellent!


New Beginning Baptist Church, Pastor Ken Smith Senoia, GA @ Sun 2013 Feb 10 01:14:58 PM EST
We had a great time!!

Wheelabrator Group Sales & Service Team Building Activity @ Wed 2012 Sep 19 08:01:26 PM EDT
We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the atmosphere and the equipment was awesome. We enjoyed the experience!!

Tom Quinlan--Yokogana Company @ Tue 2012 Aug 07 07:53:37 PM EDT
We really enjoyed our team-building event at Paintball-outfitter. The hospitality and service was outstanding. Thank you for everything.

Auburn Wesley Foundation-Youth Caravan 2012/UMYC and Pine Mt. GA UMYC @ Fri 2012 Jun 08 05:01:40 PM EDT
There are lots of different playing fields. many cool obstacles, great equipment,very friendly management! I would definitely suggest this field for big and small groups.---so fun!!

Shannon Powell LaGrange, GA @ Sun 2012 Apr 29 12:29:20 AM EDT
The birthday party for my 17 yr old son was a great time. Wendell has multiple courses that kept our guys playing for hours. Great time Wendell, thanks so much!

Katy Best Formel Peachtree City,GA @ Tue 2012 Apr 10 03:32:22 PM EDT
My 11 year old had his birthday party here, 6 boys ages 10-16 running around on enormous well appointed field. Mr. Wendell(owner) was personable,polite and professional. We will be back to play soon!!

Kim Callahan Senoia GA @ Sun 2012 Mar 11 09:37:39 AM EDT
Had a lot of fun at my daughter's birthday laser tag party! Thank you!

Jay Jacks Auburn AL @ Sat 2012 Feb 25 12:21:56 AM EST
Very good time!! Will come back!!

Rachel C. @ Mon 2012 Feb 20 04:45:07 PM EST
This place is the best,it has the best Paintball, Laser Tag, and Air Soft I think this place is good for boys and girls, and adults. ( great for birthday party's )

Steven Newsom @ Sat 2012 Feb 18 05:45:00 PM EST
Trying to start up getting people coming out every sunday for paintball. approx 1pm-whenever. if interested or just show up. thanks!

C. Starks - Denver, CO @ Wed 2011 Dec 28 01:04:44 PM EST
Had a great time with the family. Ages ranged from 16 -66 and everyone had a blast. I think my 2 sisters had the most fun. We were taken great care of and will be back the next time we are in town. This is a must see while you are in the Columbus/LaGrange area.

Tracy Purdy @ Sat 2011 Oct 08 05:40:55 PM EDT
Awesome fun, great experience at Paitball Outfitter! Highly recommend for all paintball enthusiasts. Very friendly and courteous busines owner. Great for kids and adults.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Auburn University @ Sun 2011 Jul 24 11:58:44 PM EDT
This place is awesome! The fields are great, and Mr. Wendell is the man.

Bulloch Proof with (Echo6) @ Sat 2011 Jun 25 05:35:37 PM EDT
July 3rd from 2:00 till 10:00 Airsoft Game Demolition with real fireworks you plant the bomb in the building and fireworks go off over buildings

bestscenariogames com @ Tue 2011 Jun 07 07:00:11 PM EDT
june 18th anyone welcome airsoft game at 5:00PM till 11:00PM evening/night game full scenario

Sonja Jones @ Mon 2011 Jun 06 11:10:58 AM EDT
Dear Wendell, My guys had a GREAT time playing on your airsoft field. They can't wait to return and fight another day. Thank you for your hospitality. Fun was had by all! Sonja Jones

Laura Burkhart @ Sat 2011 May 28 10:33:30 PM EDT
May 28,2011. We had an airsoft party for our son who just turned 11. He and all his friends had a blast. My husband and I had fun too. Mr. Wendell made us feel so welcomed, and he was so accommadating. We used his grill to have a cook out, and anything we forgot to bring with us he got it for us. He made us feel so at home, and has a great sense of humor. I recommend paintball- outfitters to anyone who wants to have a good time outdoors, and have such a great host as Mr. Wendell was. I know we will be back again! Thanks Mr. Wendell

Holton workman @ Fri 2011 May 13 11:30:19 AM EDT
If anyone is playing paintball Friday or Saturday let me know my

Best Scenario @ Thu 2011 May 12 02:23:39 PM EDT
4-31-11 was a good turn out had steaks and drinks for everyone played till 12am Thanks Mr. Lester

bestscenariogames com @ Wed 2011 Apr 06 05:34:50 PM EDT
Scenario game (Airsoft)4/31/2011 from 10:00 till 10:00 meal provided $45.00 includes gun 500 rounds mask and meal $40.00 if you have a gun. see more detals at

Lacey Evans @ Wed 2011 Apr 06 05:33:43 PM EDT
I went to play airsoft for the first time and I had a blast thanks to Mr. Wendell and Best Scenario Games the Claymore mines were amazing my sister scremed when she triped one best day ever

Bulloch Proof @ Wed 2011 Apr 06 05:27:46 PM EDT
Scenario game (Airsoft)4/31/2011 from 10:00 till 10:00 meal provided $45.00 includes gun 500 rounds mask and meal $40.00 if you have a gun. see more detals at

Bulloch Proof @ Wed 2011 Apr 06 05:24:55 PM EDT
came to play with Demarcus ther was about 10 or so had fun got to shoot and got shot at ck:

DeMarcus Lewis @ Fri 2011 Apr 01 02:56:23 PM EDT
Having a paintball tournament Monday april fourth with a 6 to 8 people walk ons welcome

Bulloch Proof @ Mon 2011 Mar 21 05:06:46 PM EDT is having an overnight scenario in april date to come hamburgers and hotdogs plus outside movie to be played after game.

Bulloch Proof @ Mon 2011 Mar 21 05:05:11 PM EDT
Had a great time Saturday Had a Birthday party reschedule so me and the wife went to the feild anyway to see what would happen and there were about 19 people and we had free hamburgers and hotdogs had a blast and mades some good contacts for some paintball and airsoft ck:

Nick Hopek @ Sun 2011 Mar 20 05:13:17 PM EDT
We had 15 people show up for our paintball game on Saturday. We all had a great time. If you are planning a paintball game, Mr. Wendell has my contact info., please feel free to contact me.

Nick Hopek @ Fri 2011 Mar 18 08:05:51 PM EDT
Playing a Paintball game tomorrow. We will be meeting at the field at 11 am. There will be 6 - 8 people in our group. If would would like to join us, please feel free to do so.

Ross Harrison @ Sun 2011 Feb 06 01:00:28 PM EST
Took 6 boys for a 13th Birthday Party. The paintball fields, equipment, etc. were amazing. Mr. Lester, the owner, was incredibly accommodating. Truly a great experience and would come back for paintball and airsoft. Thank you Mr. Lester

Todd Stallman @ Sat 2010 Dec 25 02:23:55 AM EST
We re-scheduled the game from 12/19/10 to Sunday 1/2/11 from 1-6pm. If you pikced up a new airsoft gun for Christmas, this game would be a good time to break it in. Also any new players to the sport of airsoft are welcome to come out and sling some plastic with PWNY at Paintball-Outfitter.

Todd Stallman @ Sat 2010 Dec 11 07:56:00 PM EST
Fresh off a recent victory at Operation Brushfire in Phenix City with the Area-13 Group, PWNY is back in action at PBO next Sunday 12/19/10 from 1-6pm. If your looking to play some top notch airsoft, come on out and get with PWNY at Paintball-Outfitter. If this is your first time playing no need worry. We'll set you up to run with experienced airsoft players who know the field and game pretty well. Look for Todd aka Digger or any of the PWNY crew and we'll get you hooked up.

Duane Mize @ Wed 2010 Dec 01 07:14:22 PM EST
Year #5 for our family to spend T-day paintballing at Mr. Lester's. He's added some great attractions, and always provides fantastic service! A great team/family building event!

Todd Stallman @ Sun 2010 Nov 21 09:05:16 PM EST
Another great Airsoft game at PBO this past Saturday 11/20/10 at PBO. It was moslty all PWNY and we had a great time. If your looking to get into Airsoft on an awesome field, come out and get with us at one of our favorite fields which we call PBO.

Bulloch Proof @ Mon 2010 Nov 08 10:39:30 PM EST
I come to Paintball outfitter Once a week. This is one of the best fields around and it get better each time I run and I use Paintball Outfitter for all the scenario games I host Check it out and you will see why

cody, kentucky boy @ Thu 2010 Feb 25 12:33:01 AM GMT
GREAT PLACE TO PLAY!!!!...idk how many paintball fields there are in Georgia, but ill bet he can beat it, he'll do anything you need for a paintball gun, airsoft gun, and laser tag...He's a great guy, his place is safe, fun, and very well maintained,,I cant wait till i can play there again.

MILLER'S 02-20-2010 @ Tue 2010 Feb 23 01:15:55 AM GMT
Awsome place to play. Family oriented. The boys can't stop talking about it and my daughter wants to get into paintballing after her expeirience there. The castle was a hit with the kids and the town was the best. My youngest son can't wait to get old enough to play. You couldn't have asked for a better service. Their pro shop is unreal anything you can ask for he's got it. His skills are unbelieveable. The long 7 hour drive from Kentucky was well worth it, and we can't wait to go back and have a wonderful time.

Duane @ Thu 2009 Dec 24 01:10:01 AM GMT
Our family Thanksgiving day tradition continues at Paintball Outfitter! Wendell opened up all the fields, provided outstanding service and allowed us many freedoms and liberties that most Paintball fields wouldn't even consider. His prices are fair, his fields are improved, his rental equipment is high quality and his personal service is unmatched...Oh by the way don't miss checking out his pro-shop and his one of a kind creations. We had a great time and would recommend others check out his fields.

Michael O @ Sat 2009 Jun 13 06:20:12 PM EDT
Played for a bachelor party on the 13th. Enjoyed it very much. Three very strong courses. Lots of detail with the town and castle. VERY friendly and great for people who just want to have a good time.

wes austin @ Tue 2009 Jan 20 08:21:03 PM EST
best paintball feilds in the world and the proshop has the best pricing in town or more like the world mr. wendell is great and a very nice man

AU SigEp @ Sun 2008 Dec 14 04:45:41 PM EST
Great fields!!! Great people. Mr. Lester and his wife were excellent hosts for our group. He is has everything you could ask for and the prices are very reasonable as well. We took a group of 40+ people out there and had all three fields to ourselves. We played all day and couldn't have had a better time. We will be returning in the very near future. I would suggest bringing a lot of people. Can't wait to go back!!!!

kelly d. @ Fri 2008 Nov 14 09:10:16 PM EST
My son had his 12th b-day party there and had a great time. The castle and town fields are amazing! I would recomend this paintball field to anyone looking for a day of fun. Mr. Wendell was so kind and helpful. Well worth the drive! He also has a great selection of guns and supplies to purchase - all the guys wished their parents were there to buy lots of new stuff!

Austin Key @ Thu 2008 Nov 13 01:44:00 PM EST
This place is awesome. I was here the other day and I had so much fun. There is only 1 thing! bring alot of ppl

Braedin Canada @ Sun 2008 Jul 13 12:08:45 AM EDT
i came to this piant ball park with four freids. iT was vary clean and the field was well layout and the castle is the best thing. it is the best field ever. CANADA

Kohlhaas Party @ Sat 2008 Feb 09 06:59:41 PM EST
What a wonderful time! We had my son's 11th birthday party here and all 18 people are still talking about the great experience they had. If you are looking for a great, safe, clean, amazing paintball time look no furthur. We called ahead amd Mr. Wendel had everything ready to go. If you love paintballing or are just looking to try it out, this is the place to go.

Dalton Dudley @ Tue 2007 Sep 18 12:00:29 AM EDT
Went up there just to check it out and seemed pretty cool.Really nice guy who owns the place and nice shop too.Has alot of selection.Me and some friends are goin this weekend 2 play.

Amir Windom @ Thu 2007 Aug 16 02:09:52 PM EDT
Me and my brother drove from Stone Mountain, Georgia which is about and hour and a half away. We were the only 2 at Wendell's course and what a nice course it was. The castle he built was astonishing. It looked like it belonged on the set of a broadway play. There are great shot angles as places to duck for cover. My brother and I really really enjoyed ourselves and the trip down to Greenville was well worth it. What made even more worth it was the kind gentleman Wendell Lester who owns, manages and builds the course. Very kind gentleman who makes you want to support his business just because he's a kind gentleman and makes you feel welcome and appreciated. His paintball shop is the best shop I've ever seen. Has everything you could possibly want in the paintball world. I recommend his course and shop to anyone who's a paintball fanatic.

Jarod Brumley @ Sun 2007 Apr 22 11:25:46 AM EDT
We just came from Alabama to visit relatives, but my uncle told us about this awsome paintball and airsoft place. When we went there the we had the time of our lifes. Then he showed us his shop. All I say is that It was the best place I've been in all of my life.

Jason Burns @ Sat 2007 Apr 14 05:04:05 PM EDT
We had a small group from our church come down and had a great time! Super course, awesome service, and great pro shop. Not just a good place to play but a good place to shop! Even got help with custom screws when one of our guns broke . . . excellent!

Duane Mize @ Sun 2006 Nov 26 02:04:28 PM EST
My son and I have played at several locations in the Tampa Florida area, but none are as accomodating, or family friendly as Mr. Lester's place. Not only were the fields in great shape, clean, and easily accessible, but the price was right and pro-shop was like none other complete with custom guns Mr. Lester had built himself and all the accessories. It has instantly become our family's Thanksgiving day tradition!

Daves Creek Youth Group @ Sun 2006 Nov 05 01:45:07 PM EST
Our youth group loved playing on your field! Thank you so much for all the help and attention you gave our boys. I can not tell you how many times we've been asked when we are coming back!! Thank you so much for everything!!

matt @ Fri 2006 Jul 07 05:00:13 PM EDT
nice park, really cheap pricesincluding paint!!!...very helpfull staff.

Paintball Joe @ Wed 2006 Jul 05 07:51:07 PM EDT
Great place

Kevin @ Wed 2006 Jul 05 07:50:49 PM EDT
What a great website!!!